Two Pauls honoured in Her Majesty's Jubilee

The parties may be over and the bunting cleared away but there is a lasting legacy for two Pauls with deep roots in North West Blood Bikes Lancs & Lakes.

To mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a special commemorative medal was awarded to serving frontline members of the police, fire, emergency services, prison services and the Armed Forces.

Acting as a token of the nation’s thanks, the Platinum Jubilee Medal follows a long history of awarding medals to mark Royal Jubilees, with the first one awarded to mark the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1887.

The organisers received over 3000 nominations and from those nearly 500 were awarded.

North West Blood Bikes Fleet Manager Paul Pain was among those very chosen few who were not only selected for the award but also chosen to receive it in person from the Duchess of Cornwall in London. Sadly for personal reasons Paul was unable to attend the ceremony but described himsef as overwhelmed at the personal recognition.

As is the case with awards like this there was confidentiality until the official announcement on Friday 3rd June.

Imagine the excitement within the charity to learn that not only had Paul Pain been honoured but founder and strong supporter Paul Brooks had also been awarded the medal and he also been invited to London. He was able to attend the prestiegous event which he clearly took as a great and special occasion for both himself and his strongest supporter - wife, Denise.

Two very worthy recipients representing all who were or are a part of this great family of volunteers serving the NHS in our local areas.

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