• Christmas Holidays? Who are we kidding.

    As many of you were just finishing work for the Christmas Holidays, our volunteers were just starting the 104 hour Christmas cover.

    The holiday weekend kicked off early with a….

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  • Urgent run to Cardiff

    Tuesday 9th December 2014, our Chairman received a request from the Pathology Department at Royal Preston Hospital to transport an urgent blood sample to Cardiff for urgent analysis of a specialist test.

    Time was critical and transporting the sample by taxi would have taken significantly longer than using a motorbike and would have incurred significant costs.

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  • Triple Relay Run

    Bank Holiday Monday 26th May, saw our First Triple Relay Run from Furness General Hospital to Manchester Royal Infirmary, with two packages. One for A&E and one for Clinical Sciences.

    One rider rode from Furness (Barrow) to Westmoreland General Hospital, a second rider went from Westmoreland to junction 32 of the M6 (Broughton) and the third rider did the last leg. It worked like a dream and just shows what our Controllers/Dispatchers can organise when necessary. Well done all involved.

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  • Midland Freewheelers join forces with us again.

    Sunday 9th February 2014 and we had another call from the Royal Preston Hospital to take samples to Birmingham City Hospital. Midland Freewheelers were contacted and Adrian Reed their duty coordinator arranged for a meet with their rider Mark Powis and our rider Graham Jones at Keele Services on the M6. Well done to all and a special thanks to Midland Freewheelers.

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  • Another Relay

    Friday 3rd January 2014 and we received a call from Royal Preston Hospital asking us to take a sample for urgent analysis to Birmingham City Hospital. Our Vice Chairman, Graham Jones, took up the run and the Chairman, Paul Brooks telephoned John Gaunt of Midland Freewheelers and asked if they could help us with a relay. “Yes” he said and so the job was on. From Royal Preston to Birmingham City Hospital 1 hour 55 minutes. Well done and a big thanks to Midland Freewheelers.

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  • Relay to Birmingham

    Sunday 20th October 2013. We received a request from Royal Preston Hospital, to take urgently required samples to Birmingham City Hospital.

    We contacted Midland Freewheelers and arranged a swap over at Keele Services on the M6.

    Apart from a Donor Breast Milk Relay, earlier this month this was our first Urgent blood relay. Well done to all involved.

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