What and who are Blood Bikers?

We are a group of volunteers and we either:

  • Answer calls from the hospitals and dispatch Riders. Or

  • Ride motorcycles to collect and deliver urgently needed whole blood, platelets, samples for analysis, medication, patient notes, small medical instruments, donor breast milk, etc., between NHS hospitals without charging the hospitals. Or

  • We simply try to make the public aware of what we do, often by giving talks to groups or standing at events or supermarkets. Donations are always welcome, to help us continue doing what we do.

Why do we do it?

  • To save the NHS Hospitals money, which would normally be used to pay for taxis, leaving that money to be spent on better patient care, or to provide newer, up to date, specialist equipment.

  • Many of us have either had help from the hospitals, personally or within our own families, or we simply want to help. Riders love motorcycling, even in the depths of winter although there are times when a motorcycle would be dangerous, i.e. Ice and snow, so many riders then use their own cars.

When do we do it?

  • With the exception of delivering Donor Breast Milk during daytime hours, we normally operate out of normal working hours, when the NHS transport staff is unavailable, mainly through the night and 24 hours at weekends and Bank Holidays. However, we occasionally help other Blood Bike groups during the working day to and form part of a relay, or at the request of our hospitals.

  • We began operating in May 2012 and have saved the local NHS Hospitals millions of pounds already.

How do we do it?

  • Our Controllers work from home using their own landline phone, mobile phone and computer to receive calls, then dispatch a Rider.

  • Many riders use their own bikes, or cars if the weather is so bad that a bike would be dangerous.

  • All our Riders undergo assessment rides by professional motorcycle instructors before they can ride for us.

What is our Aim?

  • We already work closely with the Police, Ambulance, and Fire & Rescue Services, and our aim is to have a dedicated and professional body of volunteers.

We Need Your Help Now!

  • With the ever-increasing need for the health service to save much needed funds, and to ensure good patient care, the demands upon the charity grow each year.

  • NWBB L&L needs to grow to meet the increasing demands being placed upon it, but this growth, is restricted by its ability to fund and maintain the service and the need for more volunteers.

  • The willingness to do so is there by the membership, but we are constantly on the look out for more volunteers.

  • If you can help please go to the “Contact Us” page on the website, where you will be welcomed with open arms. But, please be aware that many of our volunteers work too, so there may be a delay in getting back to you. We hope you understand.

Group of blood bikers with liveried and non-liveried bikes.

Many potential volunteer riders are put off because they think they have to be an Advanced rider, but this is not so. To ride a liveried Emergency equipped bike owned by NWBB Lancs & Lakes, you have to be Advanced qualified and undergo further training, but to ride your own bike, all you have to do is have an assessment ride with one of our instructors to make sure you’re safe. So, no excuse now, come and join us.


desk and computer ready for blood bikes controller.

We need ordinary people who can answer a phone call on a landline or mobile, and have access to an internet connected computer. All the hospitals we serve call one 08432 number and it is re-directed to you, on your own mobile or land-line, at no cost to you. You then look at the spreadsheet and call the on duty rider or riders in the area of the hospital which called and dispatch them. Full free training is given.