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We aim to provide a totally free, but professional, voluntary service, out of normal working hours for the transportation of Urgent and Emergency items, e.g. blood, platelets, samples, donor breast milk, patient notes, theatre equipment, in fact anything that can be carried by motorcycle, solely for the benefit of the publicly funded emergency services and the patients being treated by them, within the NHS Hospitals.

We will provide this service through the night, and 24 hours per day at weekends and Bank Holidays, to the best of our ability, enabling hospital funding to be better spent on patient care.

We started operating in May 2012 and as the counter shows the number of call outs we are completing is growing exponentially. Your help in doing this is always appreciated.

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Sponsor of the Month.

Eric Wright Charitable Trust

The Lancashire based property and construction company, Eric Wright Group, is well known throughout the region and beyond for its excellence in civil engineering, construction, facilities management, property development, property management and Health & Care that ensures long-term relationships partners and clients. What is less well known is that 100% of the shareholding in the Eric Wright Group is owned by the Eric Wright Charitable Trust, a charitable body that was established on principles of sustained employment and community regeneration. North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes have been recipients of their significant and generous support in the past and this has helped NWBB grow in efficiency and effectiveness. Further support has recently been confirmed by the Eric Wright Charitable Trust that will be contribute funds necessary to continue the renewal programme of our specialist motorcycles. The social distancing necessary to contain the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on events and fundraising for all charities so the generous support of the Eric Wright Charitable Trust at this time is particularly welcome. We are delighted to proclaim Eric Wright Charitable Trust as our “Sponsor of the Month.

Alison Wright, a Trustee of the Eric Wright Charitable Trust, said: “We are delighted to be nominated as North West Blood bikes sponsor of the month and thrilled that our grant donation will help to purchase new motorbikes to support the great work they do across the North West”

Eric Wright Charitable Trust

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    Every year at North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes we revalidate all our members to ensure that they understand and agree to comply with the risk assessments, rules and procedures necessary for us to provide the level of volunteer service that has been agreed with our NHS customers. After that revalidation declaration we normally issue members with a new photo-identity card valid for 12 months. This year the Covid19 situation has disrupted the process of producing and distributing new photo-identity cards. So this year our Membership Team have carried out the revalidation process and our Committee have confirmed those who have completed the declaration have had their authorisation extended to 31 May 2021.

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    The unpaid volunteer motorcycle riders and car drivers of North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes have continued to operate through the COVID19 pandemic. This is despite having to shield some members from the virus for personal or age-related risk of exposure. The charity has been able to meet the request of the NHS to continue providing the level of safe, free, professional volunteer transport our healthcare customers have come to expect and rely upon outside normal work hours.

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We have been featured in a short film for the National Lottery Awards.

Want to help and join us?

You can always read our Newsletters here to see what we are doing and who is supporting us. If you think you can help, come and join us. You don’t have to be able to ride a bike, although we constantly need riders, you can join us as a Controller, which basically means you stay at home and receive re-directed calls from any of our Hospitals. Then it’s a case of looking on the Duty sheets and sending a rider to do the run, or you can join us as a Fundraiser.

Whichever way you can help we will welcome you on board what we think is the best Blood Bike group in the Country. Just click the “Volunteer” button below."

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