Wish List

We are always happy to receive your donations large or small and spend them wisely to help with our work, but we realise that some of our supporters would like us to be a little more specific. That is why we have historically included our Wish List, to give you the opportunity to decide how your donation is spent. The idea is if you wish to donate you can either donate the full amount or pay a smaller amount towards your chosen item. Alternatively if you are happy to let us decide what our most urgent requirements are then you can make a donation here.. Our wish list is currently under review and reconstruction.

Photo of Motorcycle

Cost: £12,000 - 18,000

Top of the list is a new motorcycle in the region of between £12,000 to £18,000 to purchase and livery. Our policy is to control whole life costs by purchasing new motorcycles to a standard specification, maintaining fully and monitoring their status and performance. We rotate them around our areas to even out mileages and in due course we sell them on to other organisations when they achieve a target mileage. In this way

Fuel Costs
Photo of Fuel Costs

Cost: £900 per month

One of the biggest costs to our charity is fuel particularly for our 14 specialist liveried bikes that are on the road every evening and weekend. Please help if you can. Fuel cards would be ideal, but Direct Debit every month or a donation would be gratefully received and appreciated.