• Merry Christmas to our Hospitals

    Merry Christmas to our Hospitals

    Lee Townsend delivering goods to Preston. Merry Christmas to all our Hospitals

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    Hi Everyone, it's that time of year when the fat fella squeezes down the chimney again bringing with him presents of all shapes and sizes for children and adults alike to play with or wear. It’s a wonderful time for families to get close again, eat and drink too much and generally be silly. It is also a time of year when people fall ill and end up in hospital, Christmas doesn’t stop us being ill and therefore our help is still needed. So from me The Chairman I would like to thank all our volunteers for your dedication and wish you all a Peaceful and Happy Christmas and an even better New Year. Take Care all of you. Paul

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  • 3,000th Run in 19 Months

    We as a Group must have done more than any other blood bike group in 19 months of operating, and although the 3,000th run was completed today, by rider Campbell McCorkindale with his wife Julie at the helm as controller, this number of runs is down to the dedication of all our members, so CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved, you have all done a superb job and should all be very proud.


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  • Police donate a bike

    Police donate a bike

    Commissioner donates Blood Bike to charity

    A former police motorbike is set to take on a life-saving role thanks to Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Clive Grunshaw has donated the bike to the North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes (NWBB L&L), meaning it will now be used by volunteers delivering vital blood supplies to hospitals across the region.

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  • Radio Lancashire

    Tuesday 12th November 2013, radio Lancashire were concentrating on charities throughout Lancashire on their morning show and yet again we had a slot.

    Scott Miller (Trustee) was interviewed and they asked him to take his bike along, "WHY IT'S RADIO?" well if you listen to the link you will understand why.

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  • Calendar Boys

    Calendar Boys

    Hi everyone, the calendar has finally arrived and goes on sale NOW. There is a proof copy attached, although the printed one has been slightly altered, making it far better. These cost £10 plus post and packaging.

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  • Scroll goes Abroad

    Scroll goes Abroad

    Today Sunday 27th October 2013, the Scroll left England and went abroad to Scotland.

    Lee Townsend collected the scroll and the extension from Preston this morning and took it to Gretna Green to hand over to Jason Kelly from ScotsERVS for its journey in Bonny Scotland.

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  • Relay to Birmingham

    Sunday 20th October 2013. We received a request from Royal Preston Hospital, to take urgently required samples to Birmingham City Hospital.

    We contacted Midland Freewheelers and arranged a swap over at Keele Services on the M6.

    Apart from a Donor Breast Milk Relay, earlier this month this was our first Urgent blood relay. Well done to all involved.

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  • Black Tie Dinner

    Saturday 19th October 2013 saw our second Annual Black Tie Dinner, this time at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Blackburn.

    Fantastic night and thanks to all, especially the 3 girls who set it all up, and all who came to support us. We managed to raise just over £4,000.

    We had a brilliant meal, mock Casino, 2 x Formula 1 Racing set ups, disco, raffle and Auction.

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  • East Helps West

    Thursday 10th October 2013, we received a call to take 2 litres of Donor Breast Milk to Scunthorpe. The Chairman of NWBB Lancs & Lakes contacted White Knights and they were willing to do a relay.

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