A moment of calm reflection and a pat on the back.

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Although huge difficulties lie ahead fighting the COVID 19 pandemic some elements of a kind of normality have been returning recently. For NWBB that includes our over 70 riders and drivers being able to return to duty if they feel able. We have missed their involvement and they have certainly missed the opportunity to get out and do something useful for our NHS.

One of these has been founder Paul Brooks who had the idea for our organization nearly 7 years ago. He has been reflecting on our latest statistics - looking back to November 2012.

It is just incredible that we have all come this far. Over 1,000,000 miles ridden and we’ve completed over 82,000 call-outs. We never imagined that we would grow so large or so busy and we all need to turn to one another and be proud of what we have collectively achieved. Pat yourselves on the back!

It’s impossible to be specific, but just think of all the people we have helped and possibly the lives we have helped to save. I personally know of one from a couple of years ago when a very poorly lady was being given treatment, but following a very urgent blood test, it was discovered that had the treatment continued as it was, she would have died. The result of the analysis changed the treatment and she fully recovered. So it just goes to show what we do really does help.

And all that saving the local NHS £4 million in transport costs!