2020-COVID19 Pandemic - Keeping Safe and Carrying on

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Riders and drivers of North West Blood bikes Lancs and Lakes are continuing to operate a normal service during this time of national emergency.

As the onset of the virus became apparent the charity consulted our NHS customers and asked what we needed to do to ensure safety for all concerned and what we as a charity could do to best helpthe NHS. Existing practices and procedures are for safe carriage of Biological Substances Cat B - UN3373 and continued to be appropriate. We did however review all collection and drop off points to ensure maximum separation from any potentially infectious environment. Some minor routing adjustment were felt beneficial.

The NHS trusts we serve were grateful for the offer of assistance but said the best help from us would be to continue our existing operations conveying medical items ovenight and at weekends. If they had new requirements they would come back to us.

As a safety precaution we required our riders over the age of 70 to stand down from duty for their own protection. Subsequently the Government lockdown rules made this mandatory anyway. In addition any rider or driver who had concerns for their own safety and wellbeing or that of people close to them were urged to deselect themselves from our rotas without any question or criticism.

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