7 Years and counting

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On 2nd May 2019 we will have been operational for 7 years and will have responded to 64,000 call outs.

All our 423 Members have done an amazing job, either controlling the riders, or being a rider, or fundraiser and spreading the word about who we are.

Each call out we respond to not only helps the NHS Hospitals, but also the patients waiting for Blood, analysis of their samples, medication or Doctors notes arriving at a hospital away from home, but not forgetting the new born babies who we transport donor breast milk for.

We rarely get to know who we’ve helped get the speedy item transported for, but with so many call outs we must have helped thousands of patients.

None of our volunteers get paid, we all do it for free, very often putting our own hands in our own pockets, but the donations from members of the public and especially organisations like the Freemason, Rotary, Women’s Institute and local and National businesses, local groups, as well as other charities, has been phenomenal.

If there is one group of people in the world you can rely on and who give up their time to help others, it’s Blood Bikers, wherever they are around the UK and Eire

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