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2019 Chairman’s Bit

Well, 2019 has come along and in May we reach our seventh anniversary, which will also herald the time when our Chairman Elect, Simon Hanson, steps in to take over what I have had the privilege of doing since we started, which of course is being the Chairman of this fantastic charity. Yes, it will be strange, and yes, I’ll be sorry to step down, but being at the forefront for so long takes its toll (ask my wife Denise) and it needs someone younger to step in, and my view is that Simon is ideally placed to take it on, certainly with his background.

How Busy Are We?

Sunday 10th February 2019, from 00:02hrs to 23:42hrs our Controllers took 72 calls, 36 of which were between 13:00hrs and 19:00hrs and included 3 relays. That’s how busy we are. Take Care Paul Brooks

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