Furness General Need Help

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Saturday 19th and we get a call from Furness General Path Lab, informing us that two of their analysing machines have broken down, and asking if we can help out. Amanda Mason (Controller), Neil McCall (Controller Manager) and John Walker (Dep North Area Manager) set wheels in motion asking riders to help with a run every two hours from Furness General to Lancaster Path lab, through the night and Sunday too. This ride takes a minimum of an hour and a quarter. Within minutes of putting the call out riders were sorted. Steve Dunstan (North Area Manager) later put out a call for further riders and within minutes his phone was ringing continuously with offers of help and the job was set up.

Sunday 20th the Path Lab ask if we can keep going until 07:00 on Monday, not a problem, then they asked can we do a run at 09:00 as the repairs won’t be completed until after 10:30 when their own transport comes on. Again our riders jumped in to help.

Steve’s answer to the amazed and unbelieving Path Lab “We’re here to help and do just what we do”.


  • Dave Wood:

    21 Dec 2015 14:52:07

    Fantastic effort. In our local paper, the North West Evening Mail and shared on my facebook page. Top work. Sorry I couldn’t help as i was away.

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