Barrow to Speke Run

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Saturday 9th August 2014, a call was received by our Controller, Wendy, asking for a run from Furness General Hospital to take urgent samples for analysis to the NHSBT lab near Speke airport, Liverpool, bearing in mind the distance of 114 miles, (the furthest reaches of our cover) she had a dilemma on her hands, “do I ask 2 or 3 riders to do a relay?” She asked two of the riders, John & Peter if they could do it, as it was an urgent run. They jumped at the chance (something our riders do because they are passionate about helping).

From initial call to delivery was 2 hours 10 minutes and when you consider that the first rider (John) had to get from home to the collection point, then store the package on his bike, meet Peter at Lancaster for the relay, and transfer the item, the time taken was perfect.

This is exactly what our Riders and Controllers do to help sick patients.

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