2nd Blue light run

by Paul Brooks

Category: News

Wednesday 19th December 2012, Lee Townsend received a call at 18:17hrs from Preston asking if we could take an item to Chorley and described it as "Very Urgent". Lee was the Controller from the previous night and because it was before 19:00hrs the call went to him. He jumped in his car ready to go and called Paul Brooks to see if he was nearer. Due to the distance Lee would have to travel Paul jumped on his trusty steed and blue lighted it to Preston and then to Chorley. Job done well within time. One thing to note, the actions of drivers when they see blue lights hasn't changed, so if you do one, be very aware, PLEASE


  • Dion:

    22 Dec 2012 11:18:26

    Hiya, sad to see that some drivers never learn when it comes to emergency services one day they may need it themselves!!

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