• 4,000 runs in less than a single year

    17:26 hrs on Saturday 5th April, James Chantry completed our 4,000th run since May 2013 and we are likely to do our 5,000th run in the two years we have been operating very soon. Andy Wyeth was the duty Controller, so well done guys.

    All the volunteers at NWBB Lancs & Lakes have managed to save the local hospitals almost a quarter of a million pounds. Well done to everyone.

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  • 4,000 RUNS

    On Saturday evening 15th February 2014 we passed the 4,000 runs mark in just 22 months. Trevor Goff the Rider and Andy Tulloch the Controller.

    To all our website readers I think you’ll agree this is a fantastic achievement in such a short period of time and all down to the dedication of our volunteers.

    At a conservative estimate we have saved our local NHS hospitals in excess of £200,000.

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  • 3,000 Completed Call outs in one year

    Last night Monday 3rd February 2014, North West Blood Bikes Lancs & Lakes completed 3,000 call outs in less than one full year. On 2nd May 2013 we had completed 812 call outs, having been operating one full year, but now we have completed 3,821 call outs in total, which means we have completed 3,000 call outs in 9 months May 2013 to February 2014.

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  • 3,000th Run in 19 Months

    We as a Group must have done more than any other blood bike group in 19 months of operating, and although the 3,000th run was completed today, by rider Campbell McCorkindale with his wife Julie at the helm as controller, this number of runs is down to the dedication of all our members, so CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved, you have all done a superb job and should all be very proud.


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  • 1,000 Runs Great stuff

    Well the morning started early with a call at 06:58 and the race was on to see who would get the 1000th run!! Only 5 calls required and we would hit the magic number and they came thick and fast! It was almost a scramble at the finish line but the Big Man (aka The Yeti) Scott Cassidy won it by a neck.

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