Zumba Suzy

A little about Zumba Suzy.

Exercise is good for us at any time. As well as keeping us physically fit, a fun programme of regular exercise has been shown to be a big benefit to our mental well-being. With the whole country locked down and gyms shut it’s time for Zumba Suzy! Zumba Suzy is a professional dance instructor and exercise encourager well know across the Fylde and beyond now on-line, mask free, in your very own socially distant home bubble.
>COVID put us into lockdown so I took my community classes on line and many of my clients were happy to dance in their kitchens, dining rooms, lounges, gardens and even the hall way.

To keep spirits up we have been doing a weekly themed classes, where we dress up and dance to the theme of that week.

Many of my clients love to make things for me to sell, so at Easter we had Easter egg baskets, knitted rabbits and bunnies which we sold to raise money.

At Halloween we had an amazing raffle, with many prizes being donated by the gang….at Christmas we had aprons, pinnys, stockings, santa-sacks, knitted christmas tress again to raise money. Luckily we managed to do one charity online “zumbathon” where many joined us from around the UK to dance for 2 hours. Fingers crossed for 2021. Let’s hope things get better and let’s ZUMBA!

How Zumba Suzy has helped support us.

All the money we raise each year goes to our nominated charity which during lockdown was the North West Blood Bikes. A NWBB member sent us an amazing videos detailing how important you guys and gals are and letting us know what you do, which many of us didn’t actually know.

North West Blood Bikes are delighted to shake an arm or a leg in the direction of Zumba Suzy (and all her clients) and their repeated financial support.

Zumba Suzy

Why not visit the Zumba Suzy web site at: www.zumbasuzy.com

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