Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge

A little about Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge.

The big friendly retail store - right on our corner.

How Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge has helped support us.

Many lament the passing of the corner shop as retail has become larger and more centralised.
Here at NWBB HQ in Bamber Bridge we have the best of both worlds. Our “corner shop” just across the road is the wonderful Sainsbury’s Bamber bridge store. The Manager Matt Hadwin, Community supporter Lindsay Till and all the staff regularly welcome NWBB to fundraising opportunities at the door where we can collect funds and share our mission to support the local NHS with their customers. New riders and controllers also come forward as a result of meeting us in person. It is always an enjoyable event and we know that the store also makes a very generous top-up to the monies raised from their community funds. We have been delighted to receive the most recent £5250 in March 2022 and shout an enormous THANK YOU! to the Management, Staff and Customers who have made this possible.

Sainsbury's Bamber Bridge

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