by Bill Casey

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Every year at North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes we revalidate all our members to ensure that they understand and agree to comply with the risk assessments, rules and procedures necessary for us to provide the level of volunteer service that has been agreed with our NHS customers. After that revalidation declaration we normally issue members with a new photo-identity card valid for 12 months. This year the Covid19 situation has disrupted the process of producing and distributing new photo-identity cards. So this year our Membership Team have carried out the revalidation process and our Committee have confirmed those who have completed the declaration have had their authorisation extended to 31 May 2021. Members have been informed of this and they will continue to carry their existing Photo ID card showing valid to 31 may 2020. If there is any doubt about the validity of a members authorisation you are able to contact our Duty Committee Member on the “Emergency Only” phone number (0843 289 2601) shown on the front of the photo-identity card for confirmation. We remain committed to continuing the level of safe, free, professional volunteer transport our NHS customers have come to expect and hope this unusual arrangement is reassuring in that regard. Any questions or queries can be referred through normal contact routes with NWBB Lancs & Lakes or to Secretary@NWBB-lancs.org

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